Nomads of the sea



Marcel "Marcello" Klarner


I was always a freedom-loving person. The best place to feel truely free is in the air flying. The other place is on the water sailing. My flying days are over now (you can check them out here) so  i have a lot of time to go sailing and exploring.

Together with Larissa i want to see and travel the world. Maybe we can take you along and show you what living on a sailboat is like.




Larissa Gruner


Sometimes you have to make some radical changes in life. For me that change came when i met Marcel (again).  With him his sailboat and passion for sailing. I could imagine myself living on a boat but his boat had some major flaws so i bought a better one. Our Roscoe. She is a stong boat from aluminium and gives me a better safety feeling. Safety is my main concern as i'm a very cautious person and had no prior sailing experience. Now i'm (only a half catastrophe) getting better every day. We decided to quit our regular lifes and live on the boat for a while to see the world.

P.S. If you want to see what i did before you can check it out on LinkedIn but who cares.


Mia & Aggie



we are Mia and Aggie. We are part of the pack and crew of Roscoe.


I'm Mia and i'm a German Spitz Klein. That makes me the early warning system on board. My other tasks are keeping everybody busy kuddling me. Since i control Larissa and Larissa controls Marcel I AM the real boss on board.


I'm Aggie. I joined the pack when they found me in Greece. Some people say i'm the reincarnation of David Bowie because i have one blue and one brown eye. My main task is to keep everybody happy by goofing around and playing with them. When Mia tells me to, i can bark really loud and deep and protect the pack.